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Best Overall Aion Guide – Killerguides Aion Strategy Guide

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I highly recommend you check out The Killerguides Aion Strategy Guide. What I love about this guide is that it contains comprehensive Elyos and the Asmodians leveling guides AND how to make bags and bags of kinah, plus professions guide, beginners guide, class talent / gear guide, macro guide and more. Also it is regularly updated, which is really important as with other MMORPG’s Aion will change all the time.

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Best Kinah Guide – Killerguides Kinah Guide

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This popular Guide is a comprehensive kinah guide where an experienced Aion gamer shows you how to make up to 200 kinah per hour so you’ll never be short of money so you can avoid buying kinah from online stores and risk getting your account banned. Also includes secrets to doubling your earnings.

(This guide does not use any hacks or cheats)

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Best Assassin Guide – Killerguides Assassin Guide

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This guide is class specific to the Assassin, and focuses on all the aspects of mastering your rogue techniques. You can follow in the footsteps of a master assassin and find expertly select leveling locations and guidelines to get your assassin to level 50.

It also includes a complementing list of Stigma skill sets, fine tuned list of equipment builds, macros specific to your class and much more.

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Best Chanter Guide – Killerguides Chanter Guide

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Thinking of choosing a chanter as your main class? Or maybe you already have and are struggling to progress in Aion? This chanter guide will help in either instances, be it just getting your character to level 50 quickly or learning only the necessary and complementing Stigma skills that work with a Chanter. Master your PvPvE ecounters by following tried and true anti-class tactics obtained from veterans and see your opponents drop like flies.

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Best Cleric Guide – Killerguides Cleric Guide

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The Cleric can be one of the hardest classes to play and not just in Aion, they are known mainly as the support class as they tend to help team mates out in a group by healing and buffing them up. Thus being said a guide can prove imperative when playing a cleric, knowing the hot spots for a cleric to solo or being able to buy the gear you need to survive when your team mates are not online can be the difference between survival and death!

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Best Gladiator Guide – Killerguides Gladiator Guide

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A Gladiator is one of the tank classes in Aion and has the necessary strength and skill to solo their 1-50 career, but knowing the experience rewarding level spots is a bonus and will excel your levels fast.

This Gladiator guide will also teach you the advanced PvPvE tactics allowing you to rush a group of enemies knowing you can defeat them without much effort.

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Best Ranger Guide – Killerguides Ranger Guide

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Rangers are a prime target for an Assassin, Gladiator and Sorcerer’s, so you will need to know exactly how to combat these classes with ease. A Ranger can be one of the most deadliest classes to play as long as you know how to play them.

Learn flawless PvPvE tactics, addons and macros to enhance your characters gameplay to become unbeatable no matter what type of class you encounter.

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Best Sorcerer Guide – Killerguides Sorcerer Guide

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Ok, you’ve chosen a sorcerer…now you’re going to be a prime target in PvP as you can only wear light armour. You won’t last 5 seconds in a fight unless you know how to play with tactics. Learn from already established players how to overpower your enemies quickly and deadly!

This guide will show you how to suit up your sorcerer with the optimal gear available.

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Best Spiritmaster Guide – Killerguides Spiritmaster Guide

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Choosing a spiritmaster as your main class is like choosing two classes in one, having a summon (pet) will require you to think fast, making sure you are protected at the same time as being involved in an offence. This guide will show you how to manipulate your enemies using expert tactics obtained from the pros and obtain the optimal stigma skills to dominate your enemies.

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Best Templar Guide – Killerguides Templar Guide

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Templar classes mainly focus on DPS (Damage per Second) so you will want to perfect your gear and skills so you can rapidly take down enemies one after the other. Surprise your opponents by your shear strength followed by advanced tactics to evade their blows.

Learn must-have macros and addons specificly designed to help Templar’s diminish their opposition.

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