Aion Templar Guide

The Templar is the second specialized class with the Gladiator, available to the Warrior class once you hit level 10 and complete the Daeva quest. Templars are born and bred as true tanks of the game, they have the power to dish out quite a fair bit of damage at the same time as using defensive and healing spells allowing them to take a beating it return.

The Templar boasts a vast selection of skills and spells that not only protect themselves but allow some healing of allies too. Don’t mistake their healing spells for a replacement to a Priest, they are less effective, but no ally will complain when a Templar heals them during the heat of a battle. They also have the ability to use chants and other spells, giving them themselves extra buffs and defensive bonuses which in turn can help lessen the amount of damage they receive.

Templars are one of those classes where when running raids you just can’t afford to be without. They have skills that allow them to inflict huge amounts of damage to Fortress shields, this alone makes them perfect classes for raids. The shield is not just used for blocking, it also has the ability to stun enemies and knock them to the ground, if you are planning on storming a castle then you will want a Templar by your side.

As the main objective of a Templar is to damage their enemy at the same time as protect themselves, most players will opt to use a sword & shield (known as S&S in game) with plate mail as their primary gear. Templars like their counterparts Gladiators have access to a large range of weapons, such as axes, maces or Greatswords, but these each have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example increased damage but complete lack of a defense when using a Greatsword (2-handed sword).

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The Templar is also a formidable opponent in the air and are one of the most protected classes when using the flight ability. Because of the range of skills available to the Templar, they can increase their flight speed and time, while receiving defensive bonuses that allow them to dismiss damage.

Base Stats

Strength: 115
Stamina: 110
Accuracy: 100
Agility: 100
Intellect: 90
Spirit: 105


Before specializing into a Templar you will be able to wear chainmail armour as a warrior, after which they switch to plate armour.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


Templars usually stick to the tanking combo of sword and shield but they do have access a few other weapons. Shields in Aion do not add to defense stats, but are used instead for shield blocks (% based) and shield skills.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

A Templar has the ability to choose a weapon set based on the type of situation they are in, for example if they have found an enemy that can be taken down with a few solid blows then a greatsword will suit best, where as if they need to withstand damage they can pull out their Sword and Shield.

In the majority of situations the Templar will utilize a one-handed weapon and shield, in order to nullify damage. This is due to the shield’s ability to reduce damage when an attack is blocked. If a block is successful then the shield can be used as a weapon through a chain skill which then can be used either to inflict more damage, stun the enemy or even knock them off their feet.

Group Play

Templars are quite literally the shield for the rest of the group with the use of several taunts, they have the skill to keep the attention of an enemy while the rest of the group focuses on dispatching the enemy. A skilled Templar is able to control multiple foes with the use of its blocking skills and its ability to use area of effect taunts. With the use of marks, a group leader can also assign various tasks to other members of a group in order to make the Templar’s job that much easier.

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