Aion Spiritmaster Guide

Beginning your ventures as a mage, the Spiritmaster is the second specialized class available to the you once the hitting level 10. The main focus of a Spiritmaster is your summons, these will be the strength for you as they will carry out most of the battles in your place.Some may call the Spiritmaster a “pet class”.

The pets you are able to summon fall into one of four classes: wind, fire, earth, and water. With the addition of a unique summon for each faction for the US release of the game. The Asmodian summons will be a mixture of fire and earth elements, while the Elyos summons will be a mixture of wind and water. The spirits are known as Magma and Tempest spirits, they can be summonedusing DP and will only last 5 minutes. After you have levelled higher you can upgrade these spirits up by four levels giving them access to new abilities and skills. Also the Spiritmasters will have access to 4 mini-pets known as Energy Orbs. These 4 Orbs each correspond to an element and are limited in range and number of attacks before disappearing. You will be limited to summoning one spirit on the battlefield at any given time.

Because each spirit type has different abilities and strengths, Spiritmasters can switch spirits in the midst of a battle to counter the enemy they are facing. Fire spirits are designed for melee, while earth spirits excel in defense. Water spirits use magical ranged damage, and wind spirits combine melee and magic.

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Even though the spirits are powerful, Spiritmasters shouldn’t just leave their pets to fight the battle alone. You will have various skills and healing spells to help your spirit, so you will always be active in battles. It especially pays to have a spirit with an active Spiritmaster during PvPvE battles, as spirits can not only be customized into high damage per second attacks but can increase item drop rates if Spiritmasters use the appropriate spells. One thing to remember is spirits cannot fly, so the you may find it useful to take to the skies and let his or her summon take care of enemies on the ground. The only exception are Energy Orbs, which accompany the Spiritmaster in flight.

Base Stats

Strength: 90
Stamina: 90
Accuracy: 100
Agility: 100
Intellect: 115
Spirit: 115


Both mage classes can only wear cloth armor, and that’s all they should want to, since cloth armor provides the MP and concentration bonuses essential to both classes.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


While Sorcerers can only use spellbooks, Spiritmasters will have the option of using orbs which have higher attack stats than spellbooks overall.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

The Spiritmaster is one of the classes that specialize in solo play. They have the ability to summon spirits depending on the situation needed. This is usually determined by the type of creature they are fighting as well as their fighting style. This means that a Spiritmaster can choose to take the brunt of an opponent’s attack while the spirit concentrates on doing damage, or the Spiritmaster can switch and have the spirit tank while the caster deals damage.

In the event their spirit is low on health, Spiritmasters have defensive and healing abilities they can use to buff or restore the spirits life at the cost of the caster’s mana. They can also swap the enmity an opponent may have towards them with their spirit’s. This allows them to escape trouble in the event they have pulled the opponent away from the spirit.

However, just like Sorcerers, they have low damage mitigation due to only being able to wear Cloth Armor, so they must pick and choose their battles wisely as to not take on more than they can handle.

Group Play

In group play the Spiritmaster has dual roles. Much like the Sorcerer, it is able to put a lot of damage on an opponent. In a group with a tank the Spiritmaster can also use more offensive based spirits like the Wind and Water spirits rather than using a more defensive type such as the Earth spirit. However, in some cases a particular spirit may be of more use due to the elemental defenses an enemy may have. This gives the Spiritmaster and its group plenty of options on dealing with opponents.

The second and possibly more important role is to debuff the group’s opponent. This can be done by placing direct debuffs on a target that lower the target’s various defensive and offensive abilities. The Spiritmaster can actually remove any buffs an enemy may have with Dispel Magic or Disenchantment Blaze. These skills allow the group as a whole to be more effective when fighting tougher opponents.

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