The Sorcerer is one of the two specialized classes available to the Mage class once the player reaches level 10. The Sorcerer is one of the most popular characters in any mmorpg, mainly becuase of the spells and abilities they have access to, usually being some of the most powerful damage dealing in the game.

As you will find out quickly when playing the Mage class, the Sorcerer is not a class that can rush into the middle of battle. A Sorcerers low health is their achilles heel, and as they can only equip cloth armor, they are best to attack from afar. You must remember, range is your advantage! If you do find yourself engaged in melee combat, it is highly recommended to have an ally nearby that can defend you both, as spellbooks and orbs do not make good weapons when crossed with swords. If you find yourself without allies then your many forms of crowd control are your only option.

The Sorcerer’s large range of skills are not just for damage dealing through mystical attacks, they can also be used to improve the Socerer’s own spell-casting abilities (called buffs). Some of the buffs that Sorcerers have include revealing stealth enemies, sending groups to sleep, creating portals to nearby major cities, increasing mana regeneration and elemental resistance, and much more.

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Base Stats

Strength: 90
Stamina: 90
Accuracy: 100
Agility: 100
Intellect: 120
Spirit: 110


Both mage classes can only wear cloth armor, and that’s all they should want to, since cloth armor provides the MP and concentration bonuses essential to both classes.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


While Sorcerers can only use spellbooks, Spiritmasters will have the option of using orbs which have higher attack stats than spellbooks overall.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

Being in the offensive group of classes, the Sorcerer does not possess any skills to heal themself except from Herb Treatment, so when solo’ing pay careful attention to health. Fighting more than one monster/player can be especially dangerous. If this does occur and you need to fend off multiple tagets then you may find your short-range area of effect spells helpful. If you feel you cant wn a battle then you can utilize your area of effect holding skills, such as Winter Binding I.

In a one-on-one situation, it is good to start with a movement-impairing effect. For more than one opponent, you will want to use sleep or another immobilizing effect on one of the enemies, while attempting to defeat the other quickly.

Although a Sorcerers defense is weak, you are capable of controlling the distance between yourself and your enemies so you can control the battle.

Group Play

When in groups the Sorcerer has two roles: First is to cause as much damage as possible and second mesmerize enemies using various types of skills that can sleep or hold an opponent.

Mesmerizing attacks are very important to groups when multiple enemies are involved. Having enemies sleeping allows the group to focus on a single target which in turn allows more damage to enemies to bring them down quicker. Also tanks will last longer as damage is kept to a minimum, which then allows the party’s healers to work more efficiently by not having to focus on more than the tank’s health.

Another tactic for the Sorcerer is to attack multiple opponents at one time. This allows the party to advance through crowds easily. But careful attention needs to be taken in this approach as high amounts of damage also produce an abundance of enmity, and if you take the aggro away from the tanks you will struggle to stay alive. When a monster’s gaze turns its focus on a Sorcerer rather than the tank, the Sorcerer is likely to be defeated quickly.

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