Aion Ranger Guide

A Ranger can be specialized once you reach level 10 with the Scout class, and complete the Daeve quest successfully. Rangers use bows as their primary weapon (duh) and create traps for the enemy so they can avoid direct melee contact.

Rangers have the skill to use daggers and swords but in the majority of cases you will be using your bow to do your damage. Rangers are the best marksmen in the game so a Ranger without a bow will surely be a dead one.

Similar to the Assassins, Rangers tend to work alone and because of this their skills tend to reflect the need to silently kill an enemy and escape any situation with ease. The Ranger is given a large number of arrow-based attacks which have the option of poisoning an enemy for a slower and quiet kill, or if the Ranger needs time to escape a battle. They are also the only class able to see Assassins while they are in advanced hiding.

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Rangers also have the understanding that in some situations it is best to wait for the enemy to come to you. Becuase of this, Rangers have the ability to use traps, which allows them to inflict additional damage and surprise the enemy. Trap skills include the ability to blind, stun, hold, expose hidden enemies, and poison enemies. If a Ranger is working with a group of allies, a well-placed trap can allow their group to rush him or her while being disabled.

Base Stats

Strength: 100
Stamina: 100
Accuracy: 115
Agility: 115
Intellect: 90
Spirit: 90


Leather is the primary choice for an Ranger from start to finish.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


Rangers will want to focus on the bow, but always with some melee in their inventory for close up finishes.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

Being from the same base class as the Assassin, the Ranger relies on a stable amount of offensive damage in order to defeat their enemies. However, the vast majority of this will be done at long range with your bow before needing to get into any melee combat. The effects that come with traps allow the Ranger to slow or damage enemies, keeping them at a distance while unleashing a barrage of archery skills. Once you master the Ranger you will be able to pic off enemies just from using your bow, and not even have the worry of using melee combat.

Even though Rangers pride themeselves as the master of the bow, they are not helpless when it comes to melee combat, with the use of swords and daggers they can inflict damage to opponents easily. A Rangers evasion skill is the key to survival, as Leather Armor does not absorb damage effectively.

Group Play

If you join a group as a Ranger, you will have two different roles you can play. The main role and most popular is to help deal damage to enemies while the tank holds the opponent in front of him. This will allow the Ranger to attack from a distance using his variety of archery skills, while using its enmity-reducing skills to keep from pulling the enemy away from the tank.

The other role is to assist the group with controlling any additional enemies with skills that hold or sleep targets such as Sleep Arrow or Entangling Arrow. This will allow the group to pull more than a single target and still be able to focus on one before moving to the next. Although this tactic can cause large amounts of aggro that will need to be nulled with skills like Calming Whisper.

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