Aion Gladiator Guide

The Gladiator is available as a specialized class for those who choose a Warrior to start Aion with, you may choose the Gladiator once you hit level 10 and complete the Daeva quest. Gladiators are master of all weapon types, their primary focus is dealing high levels of DPS they are the raw strength of any faction. They have the ability to use both single target and AoE styles.

2H Sword (or polearm) class weapons are Gladiators favoured style of play and will excel in battle using them, though they can use pretty much any weapon, including polearms, maces, daggers, bows, swords, and greatsword. On the armour side of things, they have the ability to wear anything from light cloth protection to heavy suits of plate armor, of course plate is the best associated armour for this class.

Playing a Gladiator can be relatively straightforward; the main goal is to deal damage to the enemy fast and hard at the same time as being a viable off-tank. Some essential styles include: AoE skill-chains, stun skills, and the ability to knock down on critical hits due to 2H weapons. Because Gladiators focus predominantly on DPS, they are not as strong of a tank character in when compared to their Templar counterparts. Even though they lack in pure tanking situations, they more than make up other abilities to inflict high levels of damage onmore than one target.

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As the main focus of the Gladiator is to disrupt the enemy rather than ruthlessly attack them, Gladiators are more suited to be at the front of any battle. Because of this, it is recommended to make sure that you always have a healing at hand, whether it be from fellow team-mates, abilities, or potions.

Base Stats

Strength: 115
Constitution: 115
Agility: 100
Accuracy: 100
Intelligence: 90
Spirit: 90
Weapon: Sword


Before choosing a Gladiator you will be able to wear chainmail armour as a warrior, after which they switch to plate armour.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


Currently the most popular weapon for Gladiators is the polearm. Although there are Axe’s in Aion they come under the same category as swords. Shields in Aion do not add to defense stats, but are used instead for shield blocks (% based) and shield skills.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

Gladiators are known as an off tank which means they have a high defense using plate armour but not quite as solid as a Templar will be. They have a variety of attack skills which allows them to engage in solo combat without much trouble. As Gladiators have a wide selection of weapons they are able to utilize, they can easily switch to the required weapon of choice in the appropriate situation: from 2H weapon for AOE sweeping attacks and stuns with high damage blows, to Dual wielding weapons for rapid attacks of lighter damage.

One drawback of the Gladiator is the lack of health replenishment skills, during combat they must always pay attention to their health. If you are planning on solo play, discard the Sword & Shield and stick to the two-handed weapon greatsword or polearm. You can also aquire a Stigma skill that allows the use of dual weapons… and its always handy to keep a supply of potions and bandages close.

The Gladiator’s ability to use the polearm, and other 2H weapons, allows it to use chain skills to knock the opponent off their feet and susceptible to various chain skills. It also gives the Gladiator the capability to attack multiple opponents at once, through the use of AOE abilities.

Group Play

You may be thinking the Gladiator is simply a solo class and will not bring anything to a group except another DPS class, but the Gladiator possesses AOE attacks, which makes it extremly effective in group play when multiple enemies must be fought at once.

Of course the Gladiator must be careful of the threat it brings when using its AOE skills. Sometimes it may be best avoiding them altogether and focus on a single target.On the other hand, if they need to protect a priest or mage classes, the Gladiator may want cause enough aggro as possible so attackers focus on them rather than the weaker casters.

Aion Gladiator Guide

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