Aion Cleric Guide

The Cleric can be chosen when you reach level 10, and is in the same class group as the Chanter. Clerics mainly focus on healing spells and health-related skills, and will usually be the backbone to any successful Legion just for that reason.

The basic definition of a Cleric is they are super-powered Priests, designed for one thing, healing. They have the ability to turn a fight around by simply regenerating the whole groups health quickly, curing any poisons, and even bring allies back from death.

As the Cleric has the ability to increase resistances for the group, revive all allies, and cast damage absorbing shields and with the bonus of rebirth with a certain amount of health and mana, Clerics will often be one of the most popular classes in Legions and PvP battles, as they are needed to keep the group alive. The Cleric class is probably the only class who will never have a problem finding a group to level with.

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Even though Clerics main focus is healing and looking after other allies, they are not defenseless. Clerics have the ability to wield a staff or 1h mace with a shield, giving the Cleric ample defense to handle enemies while defending themselves. Using the staff option allows them to sacrifice offensive and defensive skills for a much larger strength for their magical attacks. However, whichever style of play you will choose, the Clerics are never truly without a weapon, as they have a handful of spells that can cause magical damage on their foes.

Base Stats

Strength: 105
Stamina: 110
Accuracy: 90
Agility: 90
Intellect: 105
Spirit: 110


Chainmail will be the optimized defense for the Cleric.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


A Cleric has the option of two types of builds, one using a mace and shield, and the other using a 2h staff.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

You may think solo play as a Cleric will be difficult as you are not really an offensive class, but you would be wrong. Because of the many magic skills the Cleric possesses you will be able to keep your health to a maximum while fending of foes. The only downside to this is, you will need to rest between fights to regain mana as your offensive capabilites won’t be as adept as other classes, so defeating an enemy will take a bit longer.

The majority of attacking skills the Cleric possess are ranged spells, which in turn allows the Cleric the ability to do inflict most of the damage to an enemy before it can even get to melee range (similar to the Ranger class). In some cases, the Cleric can defeat an enemy before it reaches melee distance.

Just bare in mind, most of the skills required to play a Cleric will use a good amount of mana, so lengthy battles would be best avoided on your own. In order to overcome this, the Cleric must learn to efficiently use both its attack and recovery skills. You do have skills like Reverse Condition or Penance which can decrease the time spent resting between encounters.

Group Play

Of course the Cleric is at their best when played in a group, they are said to develop their true abilities during party action. The majority of the time your role will be healing and buffing tanks or damage dealers, depending on the setup of the group. However, it can help with creature control by using restraining spells, as well as helping damage opponents.

A Cleric has the option to use both large heals that will affect a target immediately or spells that regenerate health over time (sometimes known at HoT – heal over time). Skills that heal over time allow the Cleric to be effective while waiting for larger healing spells to cool down and become available for use again. If a party member is defeated, the Cleric is able to resurrect them, but bare in mind this will use a lot of mana in one go, which could lead to you not being able to heal other party members, causing more deaths.

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