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Aion ClassesAion currently consists of four primary classes and eight specialized classes. Players begin Aion by choosing one of the four primary classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout or Priest. Upon reaching level ten of their chosen class they will be given the choice to choose between two specialized classes associated with that base class. This is done so players can get a feel for the playstyle needed to play a character in this primary class before making a major decision as to which class to play for the rest of the game.


Warriors tend to be masters of close combat and provide a good solid defense to tank enemies. In short they are about true grit, power, and sheer strength. With their superior physical strength and power they can pound the enemy and provide cover for allies. A Warrior is the first line of defense but can reply with tremendous force and power.

If you want a fairly easy class to play then a Warrior should be your first choice. You begin your adventures equipped with a 1H sword as your first weapon which later can be used with a shield or swapped with a 2H sword. Upon reaching level 9 you will be given the Daeva quest, during the course of which you will be able to choose between the Gladiator and the Templar as your specialization path.

Gladiator (Click here for my Gladiator Guide)

If you like big swords and you like hitting 20 people in one swing then the Gladiator is for you! They wear bulky heavy armor so can withstand several blows from the enemies. Oh yea, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen the movie, now you can be one too! You wont be the hardest hitting class nor be the best tank, but hey they are still a force to be reckoned with. You will probably come closely behind the Sorcerer or Assassin for damage, but unlike them you can actually withstand more than 5 hits without dying. You are a true weaponmaster with the ability to wield almost anything.

Templar (Click here for my Templar Guide)

You can feel invincible with a Templar . . . kinda. You are able to survive the biggest hits from elite mobs. Your best friend will be a healer, and you will find others will seek you out to help them take down the largest bosses. When an ally has almost been defeated you can dash in and stun your enemy allowing your friends to escape to safety. On the offence side of things you can be quite weak though. The majority of classes will be able to do more damage than you, maybe even the Cleric.


If you like to play an agile and stealthy character then a Scout is the perfect class for you. Scouts are far from being a tank class, they prefer to fight swiftly with melee weapons. Having the benefit of great agility and attack speed. They wear light armor, which can make them somewhat vulnerable…of course when they can be hit.

Scout classes probably have the highest learning curve in Aion but on the flip side can also be the most rewarding with the proper control. Both Assassin and Ranger also have some form of stealth in their arsenal which can provide the deadliest surprise attack on your foe. If you start Aion as the Scout class you will be provided with a dagger as your weapon. At level 9 you will be given the Daeva quest, during the course of which you will be able to choose between Assassin and Ranger as your specialization path.

Assassin (Click here for my Assassin Guide)

Creep in the shadows, hide behind a tree, wait until your prey gets closer and then BAM jump out to one-shot your enemy. Hazaaah you just one-shotted a Spiritmaster, but his friend has seen you so it’ll be game over unless there is a Cleric nearby. Thats the basic playstyle of an Assassin, you basically pop in kill, run away and rest, then wait for your next chance to pop another unsuspecting enemy. Others enjoy face-to-face combat but you prefer face-to-back, yes, if you wish to master the Assassin class you must love the backside.

Ranger (Click here for my Ranger Guide)

Find a Gladiator and shoot him in the face with an arrow then watch happily as he runs at you, unbeknown to him you have a well-placed glue trap waiting for him. Then you then change into a Mau Templar, game over for the gladiator. But wait! A Sorcerer has spotted your latest vicotry and is advancing toward you, no problem, you have a great attack range so you get the first hit and plot another offense. Your rapid attacks make you a force to be reckoned with, it’s when someone gets in your face you have to think about heading for the hills.


Mages as you would expect rely heavily their mastery of magic to do huge quantities of damage at long range. The have the ability to dish out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage from afar allowing them to receive little in return. They can command the elements, summoning fierce fireballs and bolts of the coldest ice to wreak havoc upon the crowds of the enemy (hence the name crowd control). Their weakness is in close combat as they can only wear light armor and their health is relatively low they won’t last too long in a melee battle. At level 10, Mages must specialize into either the Sorcerer subclass or the Spiritmaster subclass.

Sorcerer (Click here for my Sorcerer Guide)

The perfect scenaria is 20 enemies all in one place. You can blast them with your highly effective area effect spells greatly damaging them, but you have to be careful because when they come at you it’s gonna hurt . . . bad. Crowd control will be your most popular offense when in groups as they allow you to escape or plan attacks more efficiently. Although one false move or evaded spell can send you to your grave. You are best sticking to the “attack from afar” strategy as that is all you will doing. BOOM, SIZZLE, awwwww yea, you will soon come to love your spellbook that comes with magic effects and explosions as standard.

Spiritmaster (Click here for my Spiritmaster Guide)

Ahh your a typical lazy player? Hmph! You never feel like killing mobs yourself, so you summon a massive Fire Spirit pet to do it for you. YES! Get an elemental to carry out your battles for you muhahaha! You are limited to one pet at a time, though your elemental can make leveling seem like a breeze with minimal downtime. Unlike the Sorcerer class you choose not to live in solitude; sure he can most likely beat you 1v1 but having an elemental on your side the outcome is unpredictable, perhaps even in your favor.


Priests are specialists in healing and use ranged magic to aid allies and hinder the enemy. A Priest has the ability to bring falling comrades to 100% health in a heartbeat and cure deadly poisons. While Priests can engage in melee combat using medium armor and a mace, they have the option to take a broader view, using their healing and protection magic to ensure allies are kept alive on the battlefield.

If you start the game as a Priest class you will be given a 1-handed mace as your weapon. Upon reaching level 9 you will be given the Daeva quest, during the course of which you will be able to choose between Cleric and Chanter as your specialization path.

Chanter (Click here for my Chanter Guide)

Let’s think about this for a second, what if a Gladiator and a Cleric had a sibling? Poof, a baby chanter is born. Chanters cannot hit quite as hard as a Gladiator nor can they heal as well as a Cleric, but they can at least do both dps and heal. People will seek you all the time, as you can offer buffs for whichever group takes you, especially if Clerics are scarce. You can prove to be a formidable opponent, but one slip of the finger can send you to your death. Chanters use something called mantras to give strength to allies and raise their morale. These mantras can grow potent enough to affect the outcome of an entire battle.

Cleric (Click here for my Cleric Guide)

Clerics like to run in groups of friends all the time and will always be wanted by other groups or legions. They basically can save people from anything . . . including death. You wont be able to offer high damage or high crits but you will be able to keep your friends alive by healing and curing them. You will will always be targeted by the enemy as without you the rest of your friends will drop like flies. If you find yourself in a 1v1 fight your high armor and heals will save you.

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