Priest’s tend to be support classes, and the Chanter is no exception. You will be able to choose a Chanter after you reach level 10 and complete the Daeva quest. The Chanter class specializes in buffs that help allies by increasing their stats temporarily or removing negative effects from enemy spells.

Although the Chanter is designed to be a support class and provide aid and magical buffs, they are also capable of holding their own in combat. Chanters have the option to weild either a mace or a staff, with the added ability to equip shields if a mace is chosen. Their armour ranges from cloth to chainmail armor which gives a decent defense. However, since Chanters are best used in large groups, I wouldnt recommend taking on higher level opponents on in one on one fights.

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Playing a Chanter does not mean you simply have to buff allies and help them when they need, Chanters also have a wide range of spells that can assist themselves as well. You can increase flying speed, activate a longer spell range, additional knockback effects, healing spells, magical resistance, and they can even reduce casting time cooldowns. Becuase of the wide range of skills and spells, Chanters are the backbone of any successful group, and are extremely important to Legions and raids.

Base Stats

Strength: 110
Stamina: 105
Accuracy: 90
Agility: 90
Intellect: 105
Spirit: 110

Chanter’s will have the ability to wear chainmail armour once reaching level 10 which gives them a formidable defense should they wish to solo.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


A Chanter has the option of two types of builds, one using a mace and shield, and the other using a 2h staff.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

Before you reach a high level you will find you are able to solo quite effeciently, as the skills a Chanter posses are quite suited for solo play. Because of the ability to equip chain armour with a shield you have quite the sterdy defense. Not only do they have a physical defense they have the added skill to buff themselves up to increase stats, and if you do find yourself in a spot of bother, then you can simply heal yourself between fights causing small amounts of downtime.

On the flip side, you will find a Chanter does not hold many attack skills and thereofr opponents will take that bit longer to defeat. So fighting multiple enemies can be a bit tricky for the Chanter. You should be able to fight a couple of enemies with no problem though as you have your healing ability to rescue you.  If the fight goes for to long, however, the Chanter is liable to run out of mana to cast heals… and the battle can end disastrously.

In most cases its best to equip a mace and shield in order to have a solid defense. Then, at the right moment it may be beneficial to equip a staff to make use of the higher attack power when using chain skills.

Group Play

Playing a Chanter in a group means you will have several roles. You will either be a secondary healer behind the Cleric or help the tanks with your mace and shield. you may find yourself also helping to deal damage to a target and allow other tanks to rest and regain mana during longer fights. Finally, you can strengthen the attack and defense of your party members through the use of your many Mantras.

Mantras have a short range, however, and a Chanter will need to place itself where its group members can most benefit from them. It should be noted that there are skills that will increase this range, allowing more freedom for the Chanter to assist its comrades.

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