Aion Assassin Guide

The Assassin is one of my personal favourites, coming from a Dark Age of Camelot background playing an Infiltrator & Shadowblade you can probably tell why. The Assassin is a specialized class, one of the two that are available to the Scout once you hit level 10. Assassins master their stealth skill to pick of enemies while duel wielding daggers.

Having a high damage per second ratio, Assassins are known as a melee class, they focus on inflicting large amounts of damage to solo enemies within a short period of time. They have the ability to cloak themselves (known as stealth) so they can infiltrate, scout or sneak up on unsuspecting foe hitting them in a critical spot for huge amounts of damage. If stealth is not available or the situation does not suit, they can also equip bows and attack from afar to get the job done.

The weakness to an Assassin is their defense, they cannot withstand a strong direct attack. With leather armour being their only defense Assassins should always be backed up in large scale battles, although their evasion rate is increased because of this light armour. Assassin also posses a variety of skills to deter its threat value, enemy monsters can be directed to attack a new target.

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Duel wielding blades will be the optimal gear to use, but you may have to wait till you are higher level to fully benefit from them, while at low level you might find the critical rate too low so you are probably better off using swords to level up with until you reach a point where your critical rises to a higher rate.

With the ability to poison daggers, skills that cause unconsciousness, patterns that mark targets for greater damage and the ability to remain stealthed while flying, the Assassin is the perfect class for those who like to get the job done silently and efficiently.

Base Stats

Strength: 100
Stamina: 100
Accuracy: 110
Agility: 110
Intellect: 90
Spirit: 90


Leather is the primary choice for an Assassin from start to finish.

Can Be Used
Useful Sometimes
Optimal Gear


Assassins will use both daggers and swords as they level, though some will prefer the feel of one over the other. Note that Assassins are also the only class with dual wield as part of their main skill set. Other classes such as Gladiators need to equip the ability as a stigma.

1 Handed Melee 2 Handed Melee Ranged Magic Shield

Solo Play

The basic motto of an Assassin is “A good offense is the best defense”. If like me you have played a stealther in Dark Age of Camelot then you know solo play is the more prefered style of play for the Assassin class. Becuase of the devastating attacks available while hidden you can drop enemies swiftly and dissapear shortly afterward. If you struggle to defeat a enemy you can use pattern engravings and explosion skills to stun or cause other deadly effects. With these skills and the added bonus of an Assassin’s natural ability to evade attacks, makes solo play very possible. Evading attacks also allows the use of styles which can stun opponents or sometimes turn an enemy so its back is to the Assassin.

However, due to Assassin’s being limited to wearing light armour only, leather does not provide enough protection for the Assassin to fight several enemies at a time without the aid of allies. This will lead them to fight creatures and other opponents one-on-one. In situations where there is more than one enemy the Assassin can use a bow to pull a particular target. Although, care has to be taken to be sure that the other enemies in the area don’t come to the aid the target.

Group Play

Similar to playing solo, the Assassin is mainly used for dealing damage. If you manage to grop up with your Assassin then fighting becomes all the more easier as you no longer have to worry about evading attacks. Being part of a group yo have the advantage of hiding behind a creature, thus doing more damage with a backstab (such as Surprise Attack and Assassination). Just be careful not to cause too much damage (sounds wrong doesnt it?) as overdoing it can cause to much damage too fast on a higher level opponent which can then lead to you attracting the attention of the enemy.

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