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I’ve created this website as an aid to anyone who plays Aion Online and is looking for an Aion strategy guide. On the following pages you’ll find numerous tips, tricks and strategy advice designed to help you advance through the levels faster, gather gold faster and ultimately enjoy and gain more satisfaction from the game. First off, here are some details of Aion Online:

Aion Online has been developed and published by NCsoft Interactive, Inc who is one of the leading global authorities in online gaming. They have developed and published a number of the most successful online game franchises including the popular City of Heroes®, Guild Wars®, Lineage®, Lineage® II, globally their games are  played by millions of people world wide. All the games mentioned above including Aion are known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG).

Released on November 25, 2008 in South Korea and later in China it has finally reached the plains of the USA and Europe and has been released in September 2009. The game is based in a world called Atreia and as with other MMORPG’s you’ll find your rewards in the game are kinah, experience, items and reputation, which in turn all allow you to increase your skill and power.

Here’s a great all round Aion guide if you are looking for the best of both worlds (leveling guide and kinah guide in one):

Click Here For A Fantastic Aion Guide

It’s an excellent site that has a massive customer base and a huge selection of Aion guides with extremely up to date information on everything to do with Leveling from 1 to 50, plus a comprehensive kinah guide.

When all MMORPG’s are released it can be quite tedious leveling your character as the world is new to you and not knowing where to go or what to fight can be quite frustrating.

One of the things you may have come to this site for is to look for a solid Aion Online strategy guide to level-up your character. You can level up your character from level 1 to 50 which in my experience from other MMORPG’s can take weeks to achieve, that’s where this website comes in handy. You’ll find out several secrets to leveling up your character here, plus I review a variety of Aion strategy guides so that you can learn from the masters!

Anyway, back to my synopsis of what Aion is all about…

In the game, there are two main types of characters:

1) Player Characters (controlled by real people)
2) Non-Player Characters or NPC (controlled by NCsoft gaming software)

There are three races in total, of which, only two can be chosen by player characters, the last race is computer controlled by NCsoft gaming software. Each race has eight character classes that you can choose from, each class having its own unique set of talents and abilities. Depending on your class, you can choose to build your character’s talent trees for healing, damage-per-second (DPS), tanking  or a combination.

The 8 Aion character classes are:

  • Gladiator
  • Templar
  • Ranger
  • Assassin
  • Priest
  • Spiritmaster
  • Sorcerer
  • Cleric
  • Chanter

You can find more information about classes and the route you may wish to take by checking out our Aion Class Guide page, where we detail more information about the classes available.

Your character can earn gold, silver and copper to finance your adventures through the lands of Aion.

As part of your Aion strategy, you may want to work on different side skills for your character. These skills are called professions, players automatically learn two Extracting professions, and have the option to learn any or all of the Production professions if they choose, here is a list of the current professions available:

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armorsmithing
  • Sewing
  • Handiwork
  • Alchemy
  • Cooking

You can check out my Aion Crafting Guide for more information.

Aion Online Guide

Leveling becoming a bore? Is your character just not up to scratch?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then I strongly recommend that you check out This Aion Guide.

This regularly updated, essential Aion guide includes both Elyos and the Asmodians power leveling guides, 200k+/hour kinah guide, professions guide, beginners guide, class stigma / gear guide, macro guide and more.

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